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Constitution and Bylaws of the Indiana Animation Club

The Constitution of the Indiana Animation Club

1) Name of the organization

The name of the organization shall be the Indiana Animation Club.

2) Purpose of the Indiana Animation club

The purpose of the club shall be to promote quality animated features and related art forms from around the world; and to provide an atmosphere of fellowship and a place to meet in the Central Indiana Area for those interested in these art forms. In addition it shall serve as a forum for the fostering of talents relating to the above-mentioned art forms.

3) Membership in the Indiana Animation Club

Membership shall be open to all of those people sharing an interest in animation and its related art forms regardless of race, gender, possesion (or lack of) cat-ears or a tail, or other silliness.

A person shall become a member by paying the requisite dues to the treasurer. By becoming a member a person gains the right to vote in club matters.

4) Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be from January 1 thru December 31.

Chuck writes:
We did apply. we were told by the IRS to not bother about it unless our yearly income exceeded $20,000 heh! :) It is doubtful we will ever need to worry about this, but the legal stuff stays in the constitution anyway. (It's just not feasible yet...:)

5) Financial Policy

The intent of the Indiana Animation Club shall be to operate as a NOT FOR PROFIT SOCIAL ORGANIZATION.

The club shall apply for such status with local, state and federal offices as soon as feasible.

The club shall only acquire such equipment, material, and property as necessary to carry out club functions. No member of the club shall benefit personally from the club revenues. No assets of the club shall be divided up among the membership during the life of the organization. Upon dissolution of the club all club assetts shall be donated to charitable organizations decided upon at that time.

6) Officers of the Indiana Animation club

The Roster of Officers of the Indiana Animation Club shall consist of the President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary and the Sergeant-At-Arms.

7) Term of office

All Terms of Office shall last one year.

8) Duties of the club Officers

The President: The President shall preside at meetings and club functions, conduct business for the membership as necessary, and to make decisions for the club in the event when a decision cannot wait upon a vote of the membership. He shall also select such people as necessary to carry out the club Bylaws.

The Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent from meetings and club functions.

The Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain records of club income and expenditures, collect dues and fees from members as necessary and maintain a membership list.

The Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain a record of the minutes of each meeting, including all businnes and all votes. The Secretary shall then make these minutes available at each meeting.

The Sergeant-At-Arms: The Sergeant-At-Arms shall call meetings and club functions to order, and shall maintain order as they proceed.

9) Meetings

Meetings shall be held once a month; and the location and time of each meeting shall be made known to the club membership in a timely manner.

This actually passed as October/September back in 2003, but was entered as this and is now precedent.

10) Elections

Elections shall be held at the September meeting each year. Elections shall be by nomination and secret ballot. Nominations shall be opened at the August meeting.

11) Vacancies

Should any officer be unable to continue in office, the President shall call a special election to fill the vacancy with a temporary officer. Nominations will be opened at the meeting in which the vacancy was announced. The election shall be held the next month. The temporary Officer shall have a term of office extending to the next regularly scheduled elections.

12) Impeachment of Office

Any officer may be recalled from office via impeachment by the membership. Full details of the impeachment shall be published in the club newsletter; and a vote must be shall be taken at the next meeting. The impeachment must be approved by 3/4 of the voting membership to pass. Vacancies shall be handled as stated in Section 11.

13) Constitutional Amendment

Any member may present a constitutional amendment to the membership for consideration. Upon recieving a petition signed by 20% of the membership the president shall have the proposed amendment published in the club newsletter along with a notice of the vote to take place at the next meeting. An amendment is adopted if approved by 3/4 of the membership.

14) Dissolution of the organization

Dissolution of the Indiana Animation Club shall be by constitutional amendment

15) Blessing

May the Puma Sisters bless our efforts towards greater chaos.


Bylaws of the Indiana Animation Club

1) Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held on the third sunday of each month at a location decided upon by the club Officers and approved by the membership. At a minumum the meeting shall consist of a reading of the minutes, a financial report, and old and new business.

Any person may attend a meeting of the IAC for free, but they may not vote unless they are a member.

Special non-business meetings such as parties, etc may be held at the memberships discretion.

What's this used for?

2) Quorum

A quorum shall consist of 3/4 of the membership.

This hasn't been the case for quite some time

3) Newsletter

The club shall publish a regular newsletter to keep the membership informed of club activities.

Not mentioned here: also required to have access to the library.

4) Dues

Dues shall be yearly, and shall be $10. Dues become due at the August meeting each year. Dues must be paid in full to become a member and vote.

5) Membership

Membership shall be open to any person residing in Indiana. Persons residing outside Indiana may become members, if and as so long as they are approved for membership by a quorum of club members.

A person becomes a member by paying their yearly dues in their entirety.

A person shall remain a member as long as his dues are paid to date, unless that person tenders his or hers or whatevers resignation. A person may also lose their membership thru expulsion from the club.

6) Expulsion from the Indiana Animation Club

For a member to be expelled from the club a motion of expulsion must be introduced against them at a meeting. The motion and its particulars must then be published in the next newsletter. The motion of expulsion must be voted on at the following meeting. The motion must pass by 3/4 of the voting membership.

Grounds for expulsion shall include those actions that are grossfully harmful to the club, its legal status, and/or its reputation.

7) Special Duties

In addition to the Officers of the club, the club shall have the ability to select additonal people to perform special duties. These duties shall include public relations, hosting anime at special events, and publishing the newsletter.

8) Amendments to the Bylaws

Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by any member. Any amendment or amendments to the bylaws shall not contradict or contravene the Constitution of the Indiana Animation Club. An amendment to the Bylaws must be published in the newsletter and voted on at the following meeting. The amendment must be approved by a quorum of members (3/4) to pass.

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